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Frankincense essential oils

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There are Three different qualities of frankincense with us.
The finest type is known as “Al-Hojari”, which is harvested during the hottest season. And there is three grades in Al-houjri.(i) Royal Houjri. The finest Omani Houjari frankincense and the most expensive and no words can describe what it is indeed! (ii) Houjari superior grade. (iii) Houjari regular grade.
 “Annajdi”, produced in the months following the monsoon.

Royal Hougari Frankincense:

The finest Omani Houjari frankincense and the most expensive and no words can describe what it is indeed! The most luxurious and heavenly scent of our wide range of Frankincense, the Royal Hojari truly holds a special rank amongst the resins. This grade is the product of the trees Boswellia Scara that are on the edge of the Omani mountains, making the tapping difficult. The resin has a solid white bone like color with light tones of blue and green.


Hougari superior grade Frankincense:-

This Superior Houjari Frankincense is considered one of the highest grades of frankincense in the world. The medium sized
translucent tears are white, yellow,
amber, and pale green in color. This
type of Frankincense is considered to
be the best. With wonderful rich aroma.
It’s used also for human consumption
and for chewing for the following
1.It gives a good smell to the breath.
2. It is very good in the treatment of
cough and chest pains.
3. It is considered to be a disinfectant
for bacteria.
4. It is considered to increase appetite.
5. It is used for the treatment of itching.
6. It facilitates de digestion process.
7. And also it’s very popular and mostly use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Hougari regular grade Frankincense:-

Hougari regular are large as Hougari
Superior but with yellow tint, and less  
 limy incense. It is the most commonly
used type of Hougari. These resins are
larger than normal size, and are
naturally gelled with other grades, as
it’s quite sticky and fresh.Mostly its
used to burn over coil or directly.
It’s ideal for purifying the atmosphere,
enhancing your senses, and grounding
your connection whilst deepening
meditation. It energizes air, bringing
vitality and purification to your home
& environment from negative energies.

The aromatic qualities of frankincense have been used in a variety of ways over the centuries. To release its scent the frankincense is either burned or smoldered over hot coals.


Uses of Frankincense